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Church Services

Your Joy Is Happy And Blessed (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

5 Principals For Spiritual Victory

If It Ain't Broke

An Abundant God

How To Move A Mountain

Living In The 11th Hour

Take It By The Horns

Mission Accomplished (Associate Pastor Don Waddell )

Waters Without Rain (Associate Pastor Don Waddell )

Will You Be With Him

3 Secrets To Hanging In There Part 3

Fire And Desire

Don't Focus On The Valley

3 Secrets To Hanging In There Part 2

3 Times Touched

Hang Up Your Hangups

3 Secrets To Hanging In There

The Pursuit Of Holiness

5 Simple Lessons

The Principals Of Forgiveness Part 4

The Spirit And The Witness (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

The Principals Of Forgiveness Part 3

Four Positions That Will Challenge Your Faith

The Principals Of Forgiveness Part 2

The Principals Of Forgiveness

3 Fold Cord Of Love


Whats Love Got To Do With It

Faith Under Fire Part 5


What Shoes Do You Wear (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

Who's Your Neighbor (Youth Pastor Randy Honaker)

Return Of The Lord (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Faith Under Fire Part 4

Four Dimensions Of Fruit Bearing

It's Time To Fly

Faith Under Fire Part 3

God's Memory

Spiritual Amnesia

Faith Under Fire Part 2

Security (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Faith Under Fire

Walking 2 Miles In a 1 Mile World

Change Your Atmosphere

How Do You See It Now

One Another Part 6

One Another Part 5

Don't Miss The Door

Turn Aside To Look (Guest Speaker Jarred Angles)

Four Things About Growing In Christ

High Interest Rates

One Another Part 4

One Another Part 3

One Another Part 2

What's In Your Hand

One Another

Desperate Faith

Don't Stop Walking

Recover All Part 8

I'm Going To Make It

Kingdom Connections (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Obstacles Disguised As Opportunity

Recover All Part 7

Our Appointment With Destiny (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Recover All Part 6

Recover All Part 5

Lost In The Woods

Recover All Part 4

Recover All Part 3

Recover All Part 2

Recover All

Heart Hungry (Guest Speaker Jarred Angles)

How Far are You From Success

Do You Feel Like An Extra

How To Handle A Bad Day

The God That Is Preparing Our New Home

Desire Determines Destination

Don't Lose Your Wait

The God That Promises

Be Different

The Open Door

Promiseland Spirits But Egyptian Mind


The God That Gives

The God That Supplies

Stand And Be Free (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

No Rest Because The Bed Is To Short And Covers To Small

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