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Lawrence Testimony

Jill's Testimony 

Mike Jenkins Testimony

Jennifer C Lowe Testimony 

Craig Jackson Testimony

Appalacian Teen Challenge

Appalacian Teen Challenge Ladies Group

Appalacian Teen Challenge Men's Group

Church Services

I'm Thankful For The Holy Spirit

Testimonies And Communion

It May Be A Long War But He Will Finish

Have You Changed Your Fuse

Are You Getting Better

Either Your Going To Press Or Your Going To Get Pulled

Four Levels Of Commitment

The Heart Will Tell All

Good Navigation

Seven Examples To Express Christian Responsibility Part 2

Are You A Role Model Of Humility

What Are You Looking At

Demonstrating Your Trust (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Being A Good Friend

Way Of Escape

Seven Things That Need To Be Open In Your Life

The Danger Of Being Empty

Standing In The Storm Part 7

Are Your Prepared

Prepare To Sing A New Song (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)


Standing In The Storm Part 6

Faithful In The Land Of Affliction (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)


Standing In The Storm Part 5

God's Timeclock Part 2 (Guest Speaker Kevin Woodard)

God's Timeclock (Guest Speaker Kevin Woodard)

Standing In The Storm Part 4

How To Listen

Vain Labor

Standing In The Storm Part 3

Are You Productive Part 2

Are You Productive

Standing In The Storm Part 2

Living A Simple Life In A Complicated Time Part 2

I Did It My Way

Standing In The Storm

Living A Simple Life In A Complicated Time

Attack On Sacred

Excuses Excuses (Guest Speaker Jason Hayes)

Plugging In (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

The Good Shepard (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Don't Always Be Mr. Fixit

Don't Be Decieved

Building The Right Foundation

Things To Have (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Story Of The Almond Tree

Learning To Be A Family

Obeying The Lord (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

Faulty Hinges

You Can't Quit

Encountering The Presence Of God

I've Been Hacked Part 6

I've Been Hacked Part 5

Not What It Seems (Guest Speaker Cody Cordle)

The Invitation

I've Been Hacked Part 4

I've Been Hacked Part 3

Steps To Greatness (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Two Fires From God

I've Been Hacked Part 2

I've Been Hacked

The Non Silent Killer Part 2 (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

You Need A Shepard

The Non Silent Killer (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

Where Are You (Guest Speaker Jim Nichols & Teen Challenge)

I Understand What Vision Is

Spring Cleaning (Guest Speaker Jason Hayes)

More Than Able (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

By Faith I____ (Guest Speaker Jason Hayes)

A New Day Of Water (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

Perfect Vision (Guest Speaker Jarred Angles)

Three Kinds Of Christians (Youth Pastor Randy Honaker)

The Risen Savior (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

To Be Continued (Guest Speaker Jason Hayes)

We Knew It Was Coming And We Missed It (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

Willing To Be Broken (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

Prayer Of Agreement (Guest Speaker Scott Hardy)

Are You Drinking From A Pond (Youth Pastor Randy Honaker)

Blessed Be The Man Part 2 (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

This House, It Shall Last (Guest Speaker Jarred Angles)

Hide Me From Me

Don't Let Him Sink Your Battleship

Let Us Part 3

Let Us Part 2


Blessed Be The Man (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

I'm Not Afraid

Let Us

Getting Well Part 4

Being A Better Friend

The Wind Won't Sink Me, It Completes Me

Getting Well Part 3

Shhh Listen

Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen

Getting Well Part 2


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