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Lawrence Testimony

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Appalacian Teen Challenge

Appalacian Teen Challenge Ladies Group

Appalacian Teen Challenge Men's Group

Church Services

Are You Drinking From A Pond (Youth Pastor Randy Honaker)

Blessed Be The Man Part 2 (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

This House, It Shall Last (Guest Speaker Jarred Angles)

Hide Me From Me

Don't Let Him Sink Your Battleship

Let Us Part 3

Let Us Part 2


Blessed Be The Man (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

I'm Not Afraid

Let Us

Getting Well Part 4

Being A Better Friend

The Wind Won't Sink Me, It Completes Me

Getting Well Part 3

Shhh Listen

Many Are Called, But Few Are Chosen

Getting Well Part 2

The King Is Dead

Getting Well


You Have A Value

The Porter (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

Guilty Or Not Guilty

My Church Family

Desperate Faith

Focus On Farming Part 5

Focus On Farming Part 4

5 Looks At The End Of The Year

He Came

Weeping Obedience (Guest Speaker Cody Cordle)

Fresh Anointing

Don't Forget God Is With Us

Focus On Farming Part 3

Let There Be Light

Knowledge Of Sin (Guest Speaker Jarrad Angles)

There Are Two Chairs In Your Life

One Another

I'm Thankful For My Shoes

Focus On Farming Part 2

In The Eye Of The Storm (Guest Speaker Denis Odhiambo)

Focus On Farming

When You Feel Exhausted

The Tale Of Three Cities

12 Gates Part 4

Believe (Guest Speaker Scott Hardy)

When We Go In (Associate Pastor Don Waddell)

12 Gates Part 3

12 Gates Part 2

Pulling Down Strongholds

Don't Let Go

A World Of Confussion

12 Gates Part 1

It's A Package Deal Part 2

It's A Package Deal

Between The Promise And Deliverance Of The Promise


An Abundant God Part 2

Decision Or Collision

Your Note (Guest Speaker Ray Hayes)

Your Joy Is Happy And Blessed (Guest Speaker Chris Woodard)

5 Principals For Spiritual Victory

If It Ain't Broke

An Abundant God

How To Move A Mountain

Living In The 11th Hour

Take It By The Horns

Mission Accomplished (Associate Pastor Don Waddell )

Waters Without Rain (Associate Pastor Don Waddell )

Will You Be With Him


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